How to make this blog with emacs

What I used


Assuming you got your configuration for org-mode up and running whether using spacemacs or not) and also have installed the org-page package let's get started with what you may need to setup manually:

Config Org-page

Org-page has a nice quick-start guide here but I will put what I have setted up for my blog:

  • Mandatory stuff
(setq op/site-domain "")
(add-to-list 'op/category-ignore-list "temp")
(setq op/repository-directory "~/Projects/le_blog/")
  • Only do if you have a custom theme
;; This two are optional , only if you want have a custom theme
(setq op/theme-root-directory "~/spacemacs_conf/org-cestdiego/org-page-themes/")
(setq op/theme 'just_right)
  • Optional stuff
(setq op/personal-github-link "")
(setq op/site-main-title "Diego Berrocal")
(setq op/site-sub-title "it's personal")
(setq op/personal-avatar "")

Set up some function

  "opo" '(lambda () (interactive)
           (magit-status op/repository-directory))
  "opp" '(lambda() (interactive)
           (op/do-publication t nil t nil)
           (find-file op/repository-directory))
  "opP" '(lambda() (interactive)
           (op/do-publication t t (concat op/repository-directory "temp/build"))))